Current members


Ming-Tsung Chung, Postdoctoral research fellow

Thesis title: Dynamics of the fish fauna on a danish coastal boulder reef


Simone Lorange Jensen, Master Student

Thesis title: Diet assessment of commercially important fishes in Lake Tanganyika.


Henrik Høiberg Jessen, Master Student

Thesis title: Morphometric Analysis of Cod (Gadus morhua) Otoliths


Sebastian Glindtvad, Master Student

Thesis title: Age estimates and Distribution of the deep water shark, Centroscyllium fabricii


Trine Qvist, Master Student

Thesis title: Estimation of population differences in growth rates of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), through daily increment analysis

Kris-Emil Mose Jørgensen, Master Student

Thesis title: BIG – Size related reproductive success of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the Baltic and Barents Sea.

Kasper Vibsig Nielsen, Master Student


Amy Marie Featherstone, Postdoctoral research fellow

Thesis title: Spatial and temporal variation in lipid accumulation of Northern Sand Lance (Ammodytes dubius) along West Greenland

Marie Frausing, Master Student

Thesis title: Årlig variation i den felt metaboliske rate hos Atlantisk torsk i Godhaabsfjorden estimeret ved brug otolith isotop ratioer.

Frederik Skovby Felding, Master Student

Thesis title: Impact of inconsistency in otolith age determination explored in the Atlantic cod by state-space stock assessment model (SAM).

Mette Svantemann Lyngby, Master Student