Presentations in the 6th Otolith Symposium, Taiwan

Three of our lab’s members, Peter, Charlotte and Ming, attended 6th Otolith Symposium  on 15th-20th April in Taiwan. In total, we have three oral presentations and two posters. Check our outstanding research works and conference photos in our photo galleries!

Cod Growth, climate, and stable isotopes in Godthaabsfjord, West-Greenland. (Peter Grønkjær, Jens Tang Christensen, Rasmus Berg Hedeholm, Jens Brøgger Pedersen) (oral)

Impact of fishing activities on Faroe marine food web investigated using d13C and d15N of archived otolith (1950-2014). (Charlotte Sirot, Petur Steingrund, Lise Helen Ofstad, Eydna I Homrum, Jens Pedersen, Thomas Porsby Brændgaard, Peter Grønkjær) (oral)

Field metabolic rate recorded in otoliths: Geochemical techniques used to study fish physiological ecology. (Ming-Tung Chung, Clive Trueman, Jane Aanestad Godiksen, Peter Grønkjær) (oral)

The temperature-growth relationship in two co-existing populations of juvenile Atlantic cod. (Kris-Emil Mose Jørgensen, Halvor Knutsen, Peter Grønkjær) (poster)

Otolith opacity tracks annual cycles of the bioenergetic status of adult Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). (Thor Jensen, Rasmus Ottosen, Rasmus Berg Hedeholm, Peter Grønkjær) (poster)




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